A guide on how to cure herpes


Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that originates from the herpes simplex virus (HSV). There are two kinds of HSV: HSV-1 and 2.

This site aims to be informative by discussing ways to prevent and cure herpes. You will learn that you cannot cure herpes. Therefore, once infection occurs, it persists throughout your life.

However, certain medications can decrease the frequency and severity of outbreaks besides managing the symptoms. The treatment for herpes depends on whether you are experiencing primary infection or recurrent outbreak.

Your physician may prescribe antiviral tablets for instance acyclovir if you exhibit infection for the first time. This medication works by preventing the multiplication of HSV. However, it doesn’t eliminate the virus fully.

For recurrent outbreaks, your physician will recommend various measures to alleviate the symptoms. Preventive measures include using protection during intercourse particularly with new partners.

It is also important to undergo testing because the disease frequently develops after exposure, so you may be unaware of infection. Remember, HSV survives within your skin’s nerves, so the virus may exist on your skin after symptoms disappear.